Arabic Domain Market Heating Up

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Arabic is spoken by approximately 280 million people. As such, the pent-up demand for Arabic IDNs is starting to express itself as dignitaries and government officials have begun to laud the release of Arabic IDN.IDN names. This “represents a milestone in Internet history,” said Tarek Kamel, Egypt’s minister of communications.

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has even embraced the trend with the first full IDN Arabic website on the net, which he now uses as his personal page:
محمد-بن-راشد.امارات (Translation: Mohamed-Al-Rashid.Emarat).

The UAE has proved to have particular interest in ccTLDs as .ae names have been bought up quickly post-launch, and UAE specific domaining sites such as have cropped up. The IDN ccTLD, .امارات (.emarat ) looks to be met with strong demand and its registration dates are below:

*June 1st – The first phase of registration, but will only include government entities.
*September 27 – The second phase of registration for trademarks only.
*November 14. The third phase of registration, for “distinguished names”.
*December – Landrush is open to all.

Arabic sales, have also increased over the past few weeks led by this sale.


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4 Responses to “Arabic Domain Market Heating Up”

  1. TimNo Gravatar says:

    [London].com in Arabic did ok as well @ IDNF :)

  2. Aaron KrawitzNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, $5k for London in Arabic is a nice sale (and a nice buy).

  3. MichelNo Gravatar says:

    Unfortunate thing is that the IDNs still remain useful in the country where people actually have a Arab (or Chinese / Greek etc) keybord… i got 6σ.com but notice it’s still hard to explain to people it’s a marketing thing rather than a functional domain name. I mean… london (in Arabic) .ae is also something i’d never be able to type on my US keyboard…

  4. المدونة الاسلامية العربيةNo Gravatar says:

    this is posted in the ramadan (ramadam or dan?) section because R & S will just end up with a lot of hate answers.

    so from a liberal point of view as in equality between all races, genders, religions

    what can islam offer? & is the media a lying dirty rat about islam?

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