Sarmady Earns Over $3 Million From Arabic Internet; Counts the NBA as Client

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Sarmady Communications, is a powerful Arabic domain development and digital media company recently profiled in BusinessWeek. Their homepage boasts an advertising network of websites that reach over 15 million customers. Many of these high-traffic websites, such as are also owed by Sarmady.

Most interesting, is that Sarmady didn’t start off as a success. It was premature and arrived before the Arabic Internet market did. This concept shouldn’t be new to IDNers.

But now Sarmady is synonymous with high-quality web design and advertisements. The National Basketball Association (“NBA”) recently decided to establish an Arabic web presence. It turned to Sarmady to develop its translated site and to run many NBA ads on Sarmady’s Arabic content network.

What are the lessons for you?

1. Developing Arabic Content Can Be Profitable. Sarmady has three offices, and big name clients that are advertisers on its network such as Toyota, BMW, and Adidas. Revenue is projected to hit $4.3 million this year.

2. There are More Viewers than Sites and Content. 5 percent of Internet users worldwide are Arabs, and only 1 percent of content is in Arabic, Ahmed Nassef, managing director for Yahoo! in the Middle East has said.

3. Large Companies See the Arabic Market as a Place to Expand. The NBA, Toyota, Addidas and others are all blue chip companies with a large amount of advertising spend. If your IDN is developed and ranking at the top of the SERPS, you will be in a position to cash in.

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  1. PhioNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting story. Now I’m thinking of developing my arabic basketball domain, at least in time for next year كرة-السلة.com I think there will be lots of money to be made due to the fact that the Arabic internet is not saturated as in the western world.

  2. donrichNo Gravatar says:

    this story is cool.

    guys what do you thinks about and

  3. LevanNo Gravatar says:

    Nice article!!

    The link to FilGoal is misspelled

  4. IDNBlogNo Gravatar says:

    @ levan – nice catch. fixed.

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