IDN Sunrise Announced For .CO.IL

Aug 31, 2010 5 Comments by

Soon, domains such as ירושלים.ישראל (“Jerusalem.Israel” in Hebrew) may be commonplace.

The Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) announced this week that it will allow Hebrew IDNs to be registered on the .IL ccTLD space. The Sunrise preregistration period will end on October 30, 2010 and will be open to “[o]wners of Israeli textual trademarks and entities incorporated in Israel.”

This development is particularly exciting as not only will an be available soon such as ירושלים.il but ISOC-IL is in the process of obtaining the IDN ccTLD ישראל. (“.Israel” in Hebrew). If such ccTLD is successfully obtained and if .IL is then aliased to ישראל. these IDN.IDN domains would be a natural fit for Hebrew speakers.

The practical implications are that Hebrew names will likely increase in value as awareness increases of the existence of Hebrew IDNs. In addition, those who are participating in the sunrise or IDN landrush for .CO.IL have a very valuable branding opportunity in front of them.

ISOC-IL projects that general registration will take place after the beginning of December, and more details are available on this FAQ page.

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5 Responses to “IDN Sunrise Announced For .CO.IL”

  1. MorisNo Gravatar says:

    From what I read on your forum and on the web there are some questions regarding the legitimacy of this move as they are not following ICANN rules, which in actuality require government approval.

  2. IDNBlogNo Gravatar says:

    Moris – Can you provide a link as to what you are referring to? Thanks.

    Also, so that there are no misconceptions, I don’t have my own forum though I highly recommend

  3. MorisNo Gravatar says:

    Just read it on, did a little digging & looked at the idn cctld rules.
    In addition, many different internet associations have their own interest in mind. That is understandable and acceptable as they were their first. But their is a ball game to be played and rules to be kept.

    Sorry about the forum. If we are already talking about the forum, I assume you are aware that they also have their own agenda. That is also fine and understandable but its good not to mix facts, with views and wants.

  4. IsraeliNo Gravatar says:

    an important things missing here is that ISOC (the .il registry) has currently no public plans to allow 2nd level registrations!
    currently you can register, not directly under .il, and it is not expected to change with the idn TLD. they will alias the current 2nd level to an IDN 2nd level (unknown yet which) but if they ever decide to allow direct registration on the 2nd level (.il / .ישראל) then I don’t see how can they allow grandfathering (as the owners of and will both claim for, the solutions are either to let those 2 bid for it, or just open it to anyone…)

  5. Ike MccamanNo Gravatar says:

    I value the blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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