Pool.com to Auction צדקה.com as IDN Market “Heats Up”

Oct 18, 2010 9 Comments by

With IDN Event and Auction scheduled, and mention of seven-figure IDN investments made public, Pool.com picked the perfect time to auction off Hebrew IDN names for the first time. A Pool.com email release stated the following:

“The IDN domain name market is heating up. As more and more consumers seek to do business online in their own languages, IDN names are garnering increasing popularity. Pool.com is pleased to exclusively host three distinctive Hebrew domain name auctions[.]“

The Hebrew IDNs to be auctioned by Pool.com are:

היכרויות.com (“Personals”)
צדקה.com (“Charity”)
מנחה.com (“Moderator” or “Afternoon Prayer Service”)

Each name is priced with a reasonable $200. reserve. My favorite out of the above terms is surely צדקה.com (“Charity”.com) as it is a very frequently used Hebrew term and has longstanding religious connotations as well.


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Aaron Krawitz is an active domain investor and a co-owner of IDNTools.com.

9 Responses to “Pool.com to Auction צדקה.com as IDN Market “Heats Up””

  1. MorisNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t take this “personal”-y :-) , but this name might need some “charity”.
    The main term is written slightly different.
    Still very good for SEO and worth the $200. Some people get the rain and some get Snow..

  2. MSNo Gravatar says:

    Moris, How is the main term for “charity” in Hebrew spelled?

  3. MorisNo Gravatar says:

    Michael forgot to mention that the other term is not just popular but its way more popular. Like 100 times more to be exact..

  4. IDNBlogNo Gravatar says:

    @Moris – In my experience, צדקה was always the main term. To reiterate Michael’s question, what term are you referring to as more popular for “charity”?

    When I first saw your post, I thought it was BS, but maybe my Hebrew is just rusty :-)

  5. MorisNo Gravatar says:

    Misunderstanding. Pls read my posts again.

    I was referring to היכרויות.com (“Personals”) in both posts.

    In my second post I was referring to Michaels comment about it in idnforums.com. Michael said “that the other term for “Personals” is very popular but the correct one is the term being auctioned”.
    What I said was the MIchael “forgot” to mention that the other term is not just very popular but it is WAY MORE popular than the other term. 30,000 searches vs. 360 searches.

    Read his post carefully and then read mine. I do not BS. This would not be the first nor last time where certain information is modified.

    Snow got the correct and popular term.

  6. MSNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Moris,

    The point in commenting on a sales thread is to help potential bidders that don’t speak the language understand what they are bidding for and what if any terms are in direct “competition” with the keyword/domain.

    No offence but i don’t recall owing you anything that may lead me to forget” anything, in addition to the fact that i have nothing to do with that domain nor i know the seller(s).

    I don’t think you can determine, i know i can’t, how many times more הכרויות is more popular then היכרויות in usage, However it is clear that it is very popular as the idnf post suggests, which imho is more then enough of a “warning” to any potential bidder without confusing them in the origins of the word. Since you went there, please confirm and i believe you will see, that originally the word is written היכרויות but with time, more and more are also writing it without the 2nd letter (yod = י) which then shows as הכרויות

    אני מניח שאתה ישראלי?

  7. IDNBlogNo Gravatar says:

    @Moris- We are definitely on the same page that צדקה is the key term for charity.

    And as Michael mentioned here (http://www.idnforums.com/forums/27395-pool-com-hebrew-idn-auction.html), there is another term for personals “הכרויות”.

  8. MorisNo Gravatar says:

    @idnblog – we are on the some page as far as charity.

    @ms- “The point in commenting on a sales thread is to help potential bidders that don’t speak the language understand what they are bidding for and what if any terms are in direct “competition” with the keyword/domain.”

    I agree 100%!!. That is why I posted here that there was another term. I just didn’t mention what it was -הכרויות/personals.

    In fact that is why I also commented here on the following statement you made on idnforum : “I believe the one in auction is the correct way but correct or not, the other option is very popular”.

    That statement is somewhat misleading as the other option is not just very popular but way more popular. In addition its not that with time more and more are writing it the other way. It was already written that way for many years! .http://www.google.com/insights/search/#q=%D7%94%D7%9B%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%99%D7%95%D7%AA%2C%D7%94%D7%99%D7%9B%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%99%D7%95%D7%AA&geo=IL&cmpt=q

    Note that I didn’t comment which one is the correct term.

    I think one way to determine which one is popular in usage especially if they are spoken the same way but written slightly differently is looking at the searches and there it is very clear.

    I stand by what I say. Marketing & sales are great but leaving out some important details is not right. This is not the first time that this has happened.

    If we would like IDN’s to be adopted then we need transparency. Selling a name without mentioning that their is as good a term or even a way-way better as far as searches will just come to bite us back.

    Now back to business, as I said its still a good name.

  9. MSNo Gravatar says:

    It’s nice to see you are excited about idn’s and your knowledge of the Hebrew language, also, the fact you stick to what you say teaches me you did not take the time to check before you open that lovely mouth of yours.
    PM me on IDNF if you truly “stick” to what you are saying, i am eager to learn more.
    Also, I would highly appreciate any references where i commented on translation(s) that you felt was not accurate, it was and still is very important to me to always be accurate, and i don’t think it is right that you will state “it’s not the 1st time” in the air with no specific example(s). If you are referring to the Hebrew word why (למה vs מדוע) then it will make things much more clear…”Moris” ;)

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