Google Goes All-In for IDNs

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A critical tool in developing site traffic is Google Adwords. In short, it is a great way to place targeted ads for cheap. The problem has always been that Adwords was not fully IDN compatible. Instead of being able to post an IDN that you are advertising, such as игры.рф, you previously had to use the punycode equivalent, such as xn--c1ajz8b.xn--p1ai, instead.

Now, we are in the first month of full IDN Google Adwords capacity where the actual IDN rather than the punycode can be displayed. The official announcement was made here.

A potential concern is that Google’s announcement said punycode display will still be used depending on the user’s default interface language. The announcement stated in part:

“We also want to make sure that users are not shown URLs in any language other than their own, so we’ll render the display URL in Unicode characters only if its language matches the user’s Google interface language. In all other cases, it’ll be shown in Punycode.”

I have not yet had a chance to try the new IDN friendly Adwords. But I will soon. I would also imagine that as fewer people are bidding on IDN Adwords keywords now as this new format was just rolled out, it must be easier now to buy cheaper and more visible ads.


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